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Introducing Sarah Reeve, Talent Acquisition Manager

Mon Sep 12 20225 min read

Introducing Sarah Reeve CTO Labs' new Talent Acquisition Manager who joins us at a time when headcount increased by 40% in the 7 months to August 2022.

Recently we appointed Sarah Reeve as Talent Acquisition Manager at CTO Labs, an experienced talent acquisition and recruitment specialist, and we asked her for a couple of tips for candidates applying for tech roles in the current market.

Sarah is driving talent acquisition at CTO Labs, and providing an agile internal capability for sourcing, identifying, and hiring talent, and also how values and culture are embedded in key touchpoints in the talent acquisition process.

Sarah joins CTO Labs on contract, and brings extensive background and networks in networks in career in talent acquisition and technical recruitment, both in house and agency side, including as managing director of her own consultancy.

CTO Labs co-founder and CTO Mike Mengell said “CTO Labs is on a fast growth trajectory and attracting and retaining great talent while preserving the culture we are building is super important to us. Sarah brings with her a wealth of experience, knowledge, and networks, and it’s great to have her working with us as we hire well and fast,” Mike Mengell said.

We put a couple of questions to Sarah, as tips for people considering a career with CTO Labs.

It's a competitive market - what is it that attracts candidates to a career with CTO Labs?

CTO Labs is fairly unique in the market with our two sides to the business.

On the Mergers and Acquisitions side of the business we offer our people a pretty unique opportunity to deep dive into a range of interesting clients and tech stacks, see what has worked well (what sometimes hasn't) and to apply these learnings to their everyday expertise.

On the Professional Services side this then enables our Consultants to have a wide range of skills and expertise to help guide our clients, and also through our interesting Professional Services client base, work on the latest tech stacks in high availability, fast paced environments.

It's the variety we offer that excites people!

How would you describe the CTO Labs culture?

Honestly, the culture here is second to none!

We are a bunch of driven, switched on people that love working with customers and helping solve their problems. We are also all about working in a way that we can be ourselves and work at our best.

Being a Consultancy our skill levels are above market - clients come to us for our expertise and varied market knowledge. So anyone joining the business gets the opportunity to work with amazing, like minded people!

We are also very focussed on people's career paths and creating opportunities for growth. Everyone has a fortnightly one on one catch up with our CTO Mike Mengell (he's amazing!) and are regularly asked if there are any other areas, training, things they'd like to get involved in!

On top of all that we've built ourselves a really cool virtual office in, check it out!

What are your top 3 tips for candidates applying for tech roles in the current market?

1. Know what you are looking for in your next opportunity. Is it skills ? company? opportunity? location? remuneration? Make a really clear note of this at the start and communicate clearly at all stages. 

2. Don't spread your search too wide. Do your research on companies you'd like to work for and relevant jobs available on sites, then I'd recommend narrowing that all down to your top 3 and make the approach.

3. Try and align all processes in similar timeframes and keep all parties updated. When the offers are through, take your time and make your final decision.

Good luck!

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