Integration Planning and Execution

Tech enablement planning from close to operate & paired with capable hands to drive execution along the journey.

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Get clarity on value focussed integration, Go beyond the brochure with investor friendly technologists who bring real experience delivering on complex integration projects.

Thesis driven from the get-go.

Align thesis, value creation and integration execution. Enable tech that outperforms. We apply commercially savvy techniques to focus technology teams on outcomes.

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Method driven, proven execution

Our vertically integrated methodology covers product market fit, product modernisation, tech elasticity. Drive velocity to market demand and flexibility under the covers to pivot as required.

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Experienced, focused, connected

We specialise in modern technology assets and driving investor value across their technology eco-system. Explore with our specialists today.

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Other M&A Services

Technology Due Diligence
Thesis driven diligence focussed on highlighting risks, building confidence and driving clarity as you build your portfolio.
Cyber Due Diligence & Assurance
Understand your Cybersecurity risk posture, remediate issues and manage the impact of cyber risk across your portfolio.
Value Creation
During due diligence and before the deal closes, we identify key tech value-creation opportunities tied to your investment thesis.
Hardware (IoT) Due Diligence
Gain commercial insights into the hardware & IoT products of an asset.
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