Fast growing digital disruptors

Scale fast and pivot faster. Experienced, and with deep insight in M&A tech, we help you evaluate, uplift and accelerate, and reignite the fire in your approach.

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Fast growing digital disruptors must scale fast and pivot faster. With deep insight in M&A tech and leading edge tech development, we help you evaluate, uplift and accelerate, and reignite the fire in your approach.

You need to move fast again

Whether you are planning to scale, or already well underway, we help you evaluate, uplift and accelerate. Let's start with you:

The bigger you become the slower you feel you’re delivering value, from more incidents to too many meetings, to delivering change that is not as fast as you need.

Your vision for scaling your business is changing and you need a plan to guide technical investments and tradeoffs.

You need to evolve your architecture in implement improvements that address pace of delivery.

Your focus is on servicing your customers in new and exciting ways, through existing and new products.

Talent attrition is disrupting your ability to embed an agile culture and team.

Team autonomy is causing a lack of alignment and consistency across teams.

You want to embed a lean enterprise culture, removing waste, and better integrating tech operations and methods within the overall strategic direction of the business.

Helping you go further

We help you uplift internal capabilities and infrastructure, and reignite the fire under your growth. E.g.

  • Technical debt

  • Accelerating Velocity

  • Automation & Continuous Delivery

  • Platform development

  • Innovation & High Performance Teams

  • Evolutionary Architecture

  • Technology roadmaps

  • CTO On Demand / Embedded Team

  • Secure SDLC practices

Let's begin

Our difference

Our tech M&A practice equips us with deep insights in the dynamic startup ecosystem and coal face of leading edge software and products.

For our fast growing businesses this means an injection of lean startup best practice insights that help you quickly cut to the chase on the capability gaps holding you back.

Having worked with disruptors in complex regulatory settings we bring experience in embedding detailed specific and enforceable context requirements into technology roadmaps.

We focus on you - building your in house capability from within (uplift / deliver / leave)

We help embed lean, agile & consistent processes around high performance software goals

Let's begin

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