Cyber Due Diligence & Assurance

Understand your Cybersecurity risk posture, remediate issues and manage the impact of cyber risk across your portfolio.

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Cyber Diligence Made Simple with CTO Labs Cybersecurity Posture Report

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Cybersecurity has become a fundamental risk focus area for executives and boards alike. With mandatory incident reporting and reputational risks, effective Cyber risk analysis is deal-critical.

Transaction friendly, cyber specialisation

Understand your Cyber risk relative to valuation, potential exposure points & remediation efforts.

Our approach goes beyond cyber assurance to deep assessment of corporate cyber capability. We assess software development security, data security, penetration testing, proactive threat hunting and overall Cybersecurity posture - at all stages of asset lifecycle.

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Deeply technical, delivered simply.

Our technologists work hand in hand linking technical risk profiles and accepted industry frameworks (NIST & Essential 8) to deliver effective insights for your assets, in a way that is easy to consume and informs decisions.

Execute with knowledge, drive effective Cyber cleanliness and manage risk from a position of confidence.

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