Our story

The tech deals boom was just the beginning. We saw a need for clear, commercially savvy tech advice in Tech and M&A

Time for a new way

In 2020 founding partners Josh Hinton and Mike Mengell opened the doors at CTO Labs, having found that investors and PE firms weren't being given the right information to manage their portfolio risk on technology focused business investments. We offered a better way.

For one, the software industry is rapidly evolving: we keep our knowledge and skills sharp to provide the best, most pragmatic advice we can to our clients. For another, we have a way of slicing and dicing tech so that it can be understood quickly and acted on with confidence.

From there our niche was cemented. Over time, we iterated and improved our methods to consistently create clear, commercially savvy tech advice which investors could rely on, and that didn’t need an additional translation from tech to business speak.

Next step: tech services

Following the original vision for CTO Labs, we then grew quickly in offering technical delivery services. We wanted to help businesses to resolve delivery blockers, build awesome platforms and positively influence our clients with all the knowledge we have gained from performing our deep technical assessments of 70+ startups & scaleups. From there our next phase of growth has leapfrogged.

Our team loves a challenge and our clients are dealing with some of the most interesting and fun challenges to work on. Often these are hyper scale growth challenges from technology and business perspectives.

Underneath it all, our secret sauce is our people + our culture. We continue to be very intentional about our team's growth and development. That’s probably why clients enjoy working with us, and why our expanding team of people genuinely enjoy working together.

What's the next step for CTO Labs? We’re cooking up something special.

You’ll just have to stick around and find out…

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