Our Values & Principles

Innovation and collaboration drive our every-day.

We are a team of unique individuals, solving complex technology, together.



We like to keep things clear. We believe in simplicity over jargon and are fans of 'bigger picture' thinking.


We work with each other, learning as a team. Our unique traits set us apart -our solidarity unites us.


We exist because of our clients. We put our customers at the centre of everything we do.


We love to discover and experiment with new ways of working. Experience is just the beginning, learning is the key to our success.

Guiding Principles


Wellbeing matters to each of us. We lead with empathy and look out for each other.

Ego Free

We leave ego at the door. We listen, appreciate and learn.


Fairness and equitability matter to us. Everyone is welcome.


We are a diverse group of people, growing our experiences individually and collaboratively.


We look after each other and the work we take on. We protect the culture we have created.

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