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Smiletember: A Month of Wellbeing & Connection

Sat Sep 30 20233 min read

The CTO Labs team kicked off Spring with Smiletember, a month dedicated to well-being, connection. It included a bit of friendly competition through our Step Challenge, and the annual RUOK Day campaign at it's heart.

In September, we got moving for mental health and wellbeing at CTO Labs.

We named it "Smiletember" as a month where wellbeing is in the spotlight. And it was the start of spring (so why not :).

Our calendar included social activities to encourage team connection, our internal RUOK Day event, and a team Step Challenge to encourage each other to move a little more during the month.

We recognise RUOK Day each year at CTO Labs because we are committed to building the kind of culture where we check in on each other and have the conversations that matter.

Our Step Challenge was new this year. We wanted to encourage each other to move a little more during the month, and have a little friendly competition along the way.

We set ourselved a goal. If 75% of the team signed up to the step challenge, CTO Labs would donate the equivalent of a month of weekly morning teas to the RUOK Day campaign. It recognises the deep connection between the values of our business and the important work done by this campaign.⁠

We're delighted to say that the team did it! It was also a whole lot of fun.

And to be welcomed as part of the RUOK Day Hall of Fame was icing on the cake - another special milestone for our growing business.