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Savitha H.K a finalist in 2023 Women Leading Tech Awards

Fri Mar 31 20232 min read

Kudos to Savitha Krishnamurthy (Sav HK) as a finalist in the 2023 Women’s Leading Tech Awards Delivery category. And what a great night it was!

We were all mighty chuffed to have a finalist in our midst as part of the 2023 B&T Women Leading Tech Awards! These awards are a powerful initiative to foster gender parity and representation across the tech industry in Australia, with the support of major partner Atlassian. Savitha’s recognition in the awards is a testament to her hard work, dedication and results in delivery, for CTO Labs clients and on our behalf. Bravo Sav!

Sav attended the awards accompanied by CTO Labs Partner and Founder Joshua Hinton, and both were impressed with the calibre of finalists, and enjoyed catching up with industry friends, both longstanding and new.

About Savitha

Savitha has been with CTO Labs since January 2021, one of the longest standing members of the team.

Her ability to focus on the critical path is one of her superpowers, standing her well in delivery roles. She is determined and driven and sets her sights well beyond what is expected.

Professionally Sav is looking to grow her voice in the industry, make a meaningful difference for women in tech, and help pave the way for others to step up and lead. As an impactful, AWS certified tech leader, and a woman of Indian heritage with particular strengths in understanding the uniqueness in others, Savitha’s lived experience equips her with a rare blend of insight and understanding in how to lead and develop inclusive and high performing teams, and break down barriers across gender, culture, geography and time zones, while delivering on highly complex, modern tech challenges. In this way Savitha personifies what it is like to be a woman and a leader in tech leaning into their strengths and uniqueness in a complex role for great impact; she is a role model that the tech industry needs more of.

Sav was recognised with a CTO Labs employee award in 2022, also for exemplary delivery performance. 

Kudos Sav! 

Read more about Savitha.

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