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Podcast (feat. CTO Labs Josh Hinton): The Art of Not Stuffing up the Deal

The Art of not F*cking up the deal Podcast

45 min read

Looking at a tech deal or capital raise in 2023? This Podcast covers the M&A deal from all angles, featuring Josh Hinton (CTO Labs), Ben Williamson (Fresh) and Adam Laidlaw (Becketts Lawyers) hosted by Fresh Amplify.

The times they are challenging yet good deals are there to be done. Which makes this Fresh Amplify Masterclass Podcast thought provoking listening.

Recorded live at an event hosted by Ben Williamson (Fresh), with Josh Hinton (CTO Labs) and Adam Laidlaw (Becketts Lawyers) The Art of Not Stuffing Up The Deal  was full of great stories and insights on the ins and outs of the M&A deal, including financial, tech and legal, with some interesting audience discussion too.

Josh Hinton shared perspectives as M&A tech Practice lead at CTO Labs, specialist Mergers & Acquisition technology advisors. CTO Labs works with leading Financial Institutions, Investors, and PE Firms, with over $8.1bn in investment value supported (and counting).

Special thanks to the team at Fresh Amplify for hosting as part of their special Masterclass series.

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About Josh

Josh Hinton is Partner and co-founder at CTO Labs, specialist Mergers & Acquisition technology advisors, with over $5.3bn in investment value supported. Josh’s specialism is providing clear thesis driven technology advice to leading banks and institutional investors, and working with technology teams to explore new pathways to customer and commercial value.

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