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Podcast: Mike Mengell on Development Security

CTO Labs Podcast Mike Mengell Development Security

CTO Labs Co-Founder & CTO Mike Mengell recently sat down with KBKast "The Voice Of Cyber" and host Karissa A. Breen to talk software development and cyber security.

Podcast CTO Labs Mike Mengall on Development Security

Cyber risk and engineering in tech heavy enterprise intersect in a complex and constantly changing attack surface.

Both are a feature of our M&A tech engagements. And our tech delivery consulting too.

Yet security can be second-placed in the drive for innovation and speed. It can be limited further by shortage of critical skills in a tightly constrained talent market.

In a this interview with Karissa Breen of KBKast, The Voice of Cyber, Mike Mengell talked through some pragmatic strategies available to tech leaders in moving their engineering capabilty to one that is not only fast and productive but also deeply secure.

Have a listen to the interview here.

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Thanks to Karissa A. Breen and the team at KBI.Media.

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