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CTO Labs supports MA Financial Group in funding Doctor Square 24-7 Acquisition

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Thu Nov 02 20232 min read

CTO Labs Tech Due Diligence advice provided as part of DoctorSquare acquiring 24-7 Healthcare business, including 13Sick brand.

CTO Labs are pleased to support MA Financial Group (Growth Ventures division) in funding the DoctorSquare acquisition of 24-7 Healthcare. The move continues MA Growth Ventures $550m+ track record in supporting growth-stage Australian businesses, and enables Doctor Square to expand their provision of prompt, accessible after hours medical care.

We congratulate the team of Will Botha and Richard Du of MA Financial, and David Szekely of DoctorSquare on finalising the acquisition.

CTO Labs provided MA Financial Group with Technical Due Diligence advice on the Doctor Square and 24-7 platforms with a focus on uncovering opportunities and roadblocks in technology post acquisition.

Our team included: Mike Mengell, Joshua Hinton & Tom Xu.

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