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Deal Close: General Atlantic invests in Kumu

Wed Nov 03 20211 min read

Supported by CTO Labs, the Asia Pacific investment team at General Atlantic has invested in social entertainment platform Kumu.

CTO Labs are pleased to support the Asia Pacific investment team of Izkandar Bloy & Victor Taslim at General Atlantic on their investment into Kumu - A business that brings Filipinos closer together. Kumu provides Filipinos with new and interesting ways to connect and share their talents.

Congratulations to the Kumu founding team of Roland Ros & Rexy Josh Dorado.

CTO Labs acted as the Technical and Cyber diligence provider working closely with General Atlantic and the founding & technical teams at Kumu. Our team included: Mike Mengell, Joshua Hinton, Ashley Jones, James McCallum, Gavin Allan and Kieran Coote-Dinh.

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