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CTO Labs supports Domain on acquisition of Real Base

Fri May 20 20221 min read

CTO Labs supported Domain in their acquisition of Realbase, a modern tech-enabled marketing platform for real estate agents.

CTO Labs are pleased to support the Domain team of Matthew Bryan, David Bolton John Sun, Bruce Bao, Phill Escott Richard Nicolls Alastair Keith Andreas Rieger & Amy Spira on their acquisition of Realbase - A modern tech enabled marketing platform for real estate agents. Congratulations to the team of Frank Greeff, Stefan Wiliams Ken Greef and Michael Trimm at Realbase.

"The CTO Labs team were enjoyable to work with and provided us valuable commercial insights into the #Realbase tech assets  - Matthew Bryan, Corporate Development & Strategy, Domain 

CTO Labs acted as the Technical Software and Cyber diligence provider working closely with the Realbase team.

Our team included: Mike Mengell, Gavin Allan, Ashley Jones, Kieran Coote-Dinh, David De Angelis Joshua Hinton & Stephanie Caterina

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