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Tue Aug 01 20237 min read

Tools like Anti-Corruption Layers (ACLs) are helping leaders ensure effective communication within tech systems. This article by CTO Labs Senior Developer Muhammad Amir explores benefits and things to consider in using them effectively.

TLDR: In 2023, business leaders are beginning to reconise the importance of tools like Anti-Corruption Layers (ACLs) to ensure effective communication within their tech systems. These tools can prevent costly issues and streamline daily operations. However, using them effectively is part of a broader strategy that considers the entire life of a project. This approach, when adopted upfront, can lead to significant long-term savings - a compelling point to consider when discussing budget allocations.

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At CTO Labs, we stand at the intersection of technology and business. Our unique position enables us to see emerging trends unfold in real-time. As we hit the halfway mark on 2023, it's important for business leaders to recognise the crucial role of anti-corruption layers (ACLs) within the increasingly complex world of tech systems. Think of these ACLs as part of a wider strategy that considers the entire life of a tech project, not just individual parts.

What are ACLs, you may ask? In simple terms, they help different parts of your computer systems talk to each other effectively, reducing confusion and preventing miscommunication.

Let's consider a real-world example. Back in 2017, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) had to halt their operations due to a cyberattack. This costly incident happened in part because different parts of their computer systems were not 'speaking' to each other effectively. Effective ACLs in place could have protected each system from this communication breakdown.

The takeaway for business leaders is that ACLs can help prevent major headaches, not just from the catastrophic fallout of a cyberattack, but also from the day-to-day challenges of confusion and miscommunication. In a world where skilled tech professionals are in high demand, and there's constant pressure to deliver secure, top-quality software quickly, tools like ACLs can be game-changers.

However, just like any strategy, using ACLs effectively comes with its own set of challenges. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Simplicity is Key: An ACL should be easy to understand. If your ACL seems too complicated, it's probably time to revisit your strategy.

Choose Wisely: You don't need an ACL at every communication point within your system. Instead, use them where they can offer the most protection.

Regular Check-ups: Like everything else in your tech setup, ACLs need regular care and attention. An outdated ACL can quickly turn from a helpful tool into a stumbling block.

In addition to these considerations, it's essential to step back and consider your software development from a holistic perspective. Every part of your tech setup should be designed with security at it's core.

And here's something you might not have considered when asking for funding for tech enhancements: the long-term savings. By investing in robust tools like ACLs up front, your business could save significantly on potential future costs. Additionally, showing a strong commitment to secure communication can boost your reputation with customers and stakeholders.

At CTO Labs, we're all about making complex technology clear. We're big advocates of ACLs and a holistic approach to tech development. After all, the real magic happens when you understand the bigger picture and can effectively guide your team through these intricate challenges.

As we navigate through 2023 and beyond, business leaders need a comprehensive toolkit and the know-how to use each tool effectively. Tools like ACLs, combined with a bigger-picture approach to tech strategy, offer a strategic guide for navigating today's complex tech landscape.

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