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Unscripted with Immutable

CTO Labs Unscripted With Immutable

Tue Sep 05 202320 min read

Unscripted are video conversations with CTO Labs clients, digging into client challenges, culture, and the work we've done together. In this Ep we talk to the team at Immutable.

In this Ep Mike Mengall talks with Kevin McHugh, Leandro Repolho and Sherry Wang of Immutable.

We cover:

(0:007) Intros

(1:03) Who is Immutable

(1:45) What were the tech challenges Immutable was facing?

(6:55) What was the value delivered by CTO Labs?

(10:43) What Surprised CTO Labs most?

(11:27) What makes Immutable such a great place to work?

(14:08) Envinromental considerations?

(16:40) Final thoughts

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