Going Deep on Blockchain Security with Tesserent

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Tue Mar 01 2022

Client Industry: IT Services, Cyber Security

Our Role: Technology Due Diligence, Cyber Security Assurance

The Challenge

Tesserent is a full-service cybersecurity solutions provider that partners with clients across Australia and New Zealand to protect their digital assets. Founded in Melbourne they’ve grown to become Australia’s #1 ASX-listed cybersecurity provider today.

Tesserent sought CTO Labs Technology and Cyber Due Diligence expertise to help them independently evaluate two automated cyber security products: Attack Bound and TrustGrid.

The Solution 

Using our technology due diligence and custom cyber assessment methodologies, we undertook deep, independent evaluation of both of the products. This included review of inherent technical risks and constraints, forecast future challenges including should the products expand and scale.  

We also examined cyber resilience, such as digital threat analysis, and evaluation of integrity, access management and compliance around digital identification and authentication.

Tesserent was given timely, detailed factual and contextual insights regarding both products, including opportunities, risks and areas for remediation.  

The Impact

As a result of our work together, Tesserent was able to gain a clear, independent view of the Attack Bound and Trust Grid products. Our collaborative assessment approach also empowered Tesserent teams with actionable pathways, should they proceed with the products under their portfolio. 

As a result of their diligence on the two products, including the work undertaken by CTO Labs, Tesserent had the piece of mind to proceed their acquisition

"Working with CTO Labs felt like an extension of our team. They know tech, we know cyber, and they are great at getting quickly to the crux of the things that matter.” Julian Challingsworth, Tesserent.

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