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Thu Oct 06 20221 min read

Client Industry: Financial Services, Private Equity (Technology & Software)

Our Role: Technology & Cyber Due Diligence

The Challenge

Quadrant Private Equity is one of the leading mid-market private equity firms investing in companies in Australia and New Zealand, across a range of different sectors.

Quadrant Private Equity was looking for specialist technology due diligence and cyber diligence advice in support of their investment in global technology company Seertech Solutions. Founded in 2003, Seertech delivers learning and compliance management software to enterprise customers globally, in industries including technology, financial services, mining, transport, healthcare and government.

The Solution

CTO Labs acted as the Technical diligence provider working closely with Quadrant Private Equity and the founding & technical teams at Seertech Solutions.

We went deep under the covers of the technology to evaluate the Quadrant investment thesis, scoping opportunities risks, constraints and other related issues in the process. We built detailed findings and contextual insights that helped Quadrant  reach a detailed and robust understanding of the technology underpinning Seertech, as part of a broader due diligence process.

The Impact

CTO Labs assessment helped Quadrant Private Equity build a deep, meaningful understanding of the technology that underpins Seertech, including any constraints and risks in terms of operations and growth, to measure up their thesis on performance and potential future return.

The result of the overall due diligence process - of which the CTO Labs Technology Due Diligence was one part - was a decision to proceed with the investment.

Further information on the deal can be found here.

"Working with CTO Labs was a very positive experience. They helped us cut to the chase quickly on complex tech as part of a significant investment deal. They have a knack of slicing and dicing things in a way that makes technology risk and constraints actionable and clear. Very happy to recommend."  Quadrant Private Equity

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