Brown Bag Briefing for Bain & Co

5 Q's To Ask A Tech Asset



Wed Mar 09 20222 min read

Thank you for joining us for the CTO Labs: Tech Under the Covers, Brown Bag session for Bain & Co.

It was our pleasure to share a little about what we do with the Bain & Co team.

Times have changed, reliance on technology is greater than ever. With this in mind, the lens for Tech Diligence needs to consider tech performance as much as compliance. In our short guide “5 questions to ask a tech asset” we arm a non-technical person with early insightful questions that will help gain a sense of the maturity of the technology in a business or asset early in an diligence or exploration process. Use the form below to receive your copy and we look forward to send it through.

While you are here...

We provide our tech briefings free of charge and our goal is that there is at least one learning moment for everyone within the presentation. If this was true for you, you might like to consider making a small donation to our chosen charity of the quarter: White Ribbon Australia.

Domestic Violence is a challenging reality in Australian culture. It affects individuals, male, female and has a material effect on the mental health and safety of children across the spectrum of our society. White Ribbon are at the forefront of the prevention of domestic violence in Australia. 

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