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You're a technologist. An Engineer. A Developer. A problem solver. A Delivery Strategist. You like working out what makes things tick. Be a part of a team where you can grow as the business grows, where you can do your best work.

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We're looking for people ready to grow their career, who get excited about untangling the web of fast changing tech, together.

Really (really) interesting work

Isn't there so much that's COOL in tech today! We get to see a heap of it right up close.

There's the fast paced, deep dives we do into emerging tech disruptors, as we help investors and management teams identify risks and manage potential as part of M&A deals.

Then there's our work in tech services, bringing insights from M&A tech into hyperscale growth challenges, and resolving delivery blockers, as we work with some of the country's most admired brands.

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Learn from the team around you

We describe ourselves as battle scarred tech pragmatists! There's a lot of experience in the team and we like getting things done. We also like having fun while doing it.

Whether you want to become an engineering lead, develop product, kick-start your M&A career or just shadow a colleague on an interesting project, we'll help you get there through tailored learning pathways created with you.

You're surrounded by a team that wants to share knowledge and growth in a caring, and collaborative way, and where above it all, being human counts.

What do we value? Read more here.

Stretch your legs, your way

Sure this isn't for everyone, but if your career compass is pointed towards the CTO desk, we've got a new path.

The modern, high impact CTO needs a hybrid skillset that includes an expanding kit of tech, product and commerce skills, in addition to leadership and management.

CTO Labs provides a hard to match profile of work that includes both transactional and transformational experience, equipping you for the fast paced desk of the modern Tech leader. We also offer the chance to 'sub in' as a CTO in client businesses as they work through critical tech hurdles, and complex strategic agendas.

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I love that CTO Labs expects you to be human, just like the rest of us!

Mike Mengell
Chief Tech Officer

Working at CTO Labs enables me to work from the Central Coast and be near the beach, be there for my children, be connected to amazing people and grow my learning.

Rose Elhage
Principal Consultant

I love how we are encouraged to learn and experiment. My favourite part of CTO Labs is the people! We work with a fantastic team that inspires and motivates me daily!

Steph Caterina
Senior Consultant

CTO Labs has enabled me to challenge myself by working with the latest technologies and great people.

David De Angelis
Senior Engineer

Working to suit your lifestyle

At CTO Labs, we understand that your work life isn't your whole life, so we've created a workplace that focuses around you. If you love the work from home rhythm, then you'll love our virtual office. Built using Gather Town and designed by our team, we've created an 'in office' feeling from the comfort of your home office/lounge/ backyard. Ask us more about it in your initial conversation with CTO Labs.

For those that are craving a bit of face time socialising, we also encourage coming into our actual offices. Keep an ear out for 'Social Thursday's' to catch up with the team and fight for a spot on the Nintendo leaders board.

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