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CTO Labs helps you embed innovation and intention within your technology organisation, one that is Connected, Collaborative and Customer focused ("3C"). Our experienced team of technolgists help you build an adaptive ecosystem of support and empowerment.

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Technology rapidly evolves

There are constant changes in the market, and not every technology and process works in every situation. Your engineers are seeing these shiny new tools and itching to find a place for them in your platform. But unconstrained without a process leads to silos of expertise, assumption of tool maturity and higher cost of ownership of a platform.

Having an unaligned technology organisation reduces efficiency and increases long term costs, while not effectively taking advantage of changes in the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Our approach

We bring your technology organisation through a ground up process to build agreement of what technologies, processes, platforms, and frameworks are suitable for your organisation, and which should be deprecated. This allows an appropriate level of autonomy across the organisation to take advantage of technology innovation, while remaining efficient and intentional about how technology is used.

1. Workshop
We facilitate a series of workshops, collecting and collating the technology usage and opinions from across your organisation.
2. Refine
We work with you to refine and clarify, providing context and advice, leading to an agreed outcome owned by your organisation.
3. Deploy
We help you showcase and deploy into your organisation, helping it become a tool to help enable aligned-autonomy.

We build a structured support system for innovation

We help your teams become empowered to discover a new technology, follow a structured approach of education and adoption which allows innovation to become a part of the evolving business. Our unique offering creates a powerful way of experts and champions of a technical process/tool to be connected to those who want to learn about it. Be it a new project looking for tooling or an existing project looking to modernise a process, our offering is about building stronger inter-team connections and relationships while sharing the hard won expertise.

Why CTO Labs

With an average of 18 years experience in industry, our technologists get excited about enabling organisations to become more aligned and more efficient to achieve great things. We love empowering technology organisations to be able to better deliver on a business vision. With our grounding in appling technology with an investor mindset, we can help ensure you make technology decisions that are pragmatic and deliver customer value.

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