Project Name Generator

This micro-app was designed to generate creative and unique project names for M&A deals. By analysing various aspects of the deal and the involved companies, it provides professional name options with meaningful descriptions and language variations.

Why CTO Labs

CTO Labs specialises in technical due diligence focused in the merger and acquisition space. We partner with you - and your legal team - to help quantify your open-source licence compliance, code ownership and associated technical intellectual property deal risk in a pragmatic and data driven way. Because we also write software for a living, we can contextualise the risk and assist in determining effective mitigation strategies.

Our analysis is based on:

  • deep open source specialisation;

  • ability to match technical usages to Open Source licence terms and quantify accordingly;

  • familiarity working with legal, investors and target companies;

  • including particular working constraints in M&A deals; and

  • a pedigree of working with well regarded brands, including KKR, Macquarie Capital, Five V Capital, Bain & Co and more.

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